đŸĒ¨Raw Resources

Raw resources are extracted from your mines and are used to construct and upgrade buildings, defenses and research. Resources are also fundamental to the Play To Own mechanism, as you can trade them with other players in exchange for the $BKM token or other resources in the Resource Market.

  • Metal: is a resource that will be used extensively in your experience when playing SpaceRiders. Metal is used to construct and upgrade buildings, defense systems and access research.

  • Crystal: is one of the main resources in the game. It is needed to access vital research that will make users obtain an advantageous result if they use it. Crystal can also be spent to improve buildings, defenses and attack systems.

  • Petrol: is a vital resource, as it is the fuel for spacecraft. The larger the fleet of spaceships, the more oil will be needed to travel certain distances. Players with many spaceships will find themselves selling their metal and crystal to buy oil, as this is the resource needed to maintain a large fleet.

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