A gas planet is a large type of planet, which is not primarily composed of rock or any other solid matter.


A "gas planet" or โ€œgas giantโ€ is a massive planet with a thick atmosphere of hydrogen and helium and has no solid surface. However, gas giants may have a dense molten core of rocky elements, or the core may have completely dissolved and dispersed throughout the planet if the planet is hot enough.

Gas giants are commonly said to lack solid surfaces, but it is closer to the truth to say that they lack surfaces altogether since the gases that make them up simply become thinner and thinner with increasing distance from the planets' centres, eventually becoming indistinguishable from the interplanetary medium. Therefore landing on a gas giant may or may not be possible, depending on the size and composition of its core.

Resources Reserves

Below, you can consult the resource reserve ranges according to rarity:



450K -550K

2,57M - 3,14M

3,18M -3,88M


472,5K - 577,5K

2,7M - 3,3M

3,33M - 4,08M


517,5K - 632,5K

2,95M - 3,61M

3,65M - 4,46M


585K - 715K

3,34M - 4,08M

4,13M - 5,05M


675K - 825K

3,85M - 4,71M

4,77M - 5,83M

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