đŸ”ŦSpaceRiders Development Phases

SpaceRiders has the following development phases:

  • Alpha Phase: The Alpha version of a game is characterized by being a test version where the already implemented game dynamics are tested. It allows to have a first look at what the game proposes and to become familiar with the ecosystem. SpaceRiders successfully completed this phase. Access was closed, reserved for SpaceRiders NFT Ticket holders.

  • MVP with PVE: The actual phase is the MVP, where the dynamics already tested in the Alpha phase are implemented and the In-game Economy V1 is implemented. This version runs in BSC Testnet. In the MVP there are PVE (Player vs Environment) combat elements such as Asteroid Collisions and Space Pirates.

  • PVE on the BSC Mainnet: Once the MVP has been validated, the necessary iterations have been carried out and the funding rounds have been completed, SpaceRiders launches its version on the BSC Mainnet, adding the blockchain component, creating a REAL economy.

  • PVP: In this phase, the PVP (Player vs Player) component will be deployed, allowing you to attack other SpaceRiders players and, at the same time, to defend yourself from other players.

It should be noted that SpaceRiders is a dynamic project that always seeks to adapt to the market and its trends, as well as the stability of the project. For this reason, it is highly probable that during the different phases patches will be implemented to improve aspects of the gameplay.

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