At SpaceRiders we believe that everyone has the right and obligation to enjoy their intergalactic adventure. Committed to our mission to bring entertainment to all screens and pockets, we have designed our game based on the Freemium model.

What is a Freemium model?

The Freemium model is a business model that allows all users to access a service for free and, in case the user wants it, there are premium services for which he can pay.

How do we apply it in SpaceRiders?

Playing SpaceRiders is Free for everyone. Let's review the steps involved:

  1. Log in.

  2. Buy a Planet at no cost.

  3. PLAY and ENJOY.

To keep in harmony with our other game models, Play To Own and Player Driven Economy, the Planet is free, but it will not be a NFT. To own the NFT version of your Planet in your wallet you will need to pay the Ownership Payment.

Throughout the development of SpaceRiders, both free and paid improvements will be implemented, always trying to be aligned with our values and convictions of what an enjoyable game should be.

Therefore, the only thing you currently need to do to play SpaceRiders is to choose your Web3 login method, we recommend you to login with Google thanks to the Face Wallet integration.

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