đŸĻžXP (Experience Points)

There are a lot of opportunities for you to earn XP within the game. For example, building defense systems, successfully defending yourself from asteroid attacks, performing repairs and any upgrades.

The XP gained will increase the level of your planet, the higher the level of your planet, the higher the chance of your planet being hit by an asteroid. With great power comes great responsibility, so it is crucial that the more XP you gain, the more effective your Defense must be.

Later on, XP will play an even more important role, as it will be a requirement for creating alliances and carrying out attacks on other planets.

There are two types of XP (Experience Points) counters.

XP per Planet

Each Planet has its own individual XP depending on the actions performed on it.

XP per Planet serves as a barrier to PVP attacks, making it impossible for high level planets to attack low level planets.

XP per User

Each user has a total of XP, which is made up of the sum of the user's Planets.


Planet A 500 XP + Planet B 1500 XP = 2000 User XP

Depending on your accumulated XP, you will rank higher or lower in the future Leadeboard, where you will be eligible for performance awards.

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