đŸ‘ĨPlayer Driven Economy

What is the Player Driven Economy concept?

As its own name implies, the initial economy of SpaceRiders is designed with a clear purpose:


The Player Driven Economy concept has been used in traditional digital games that have not made use of the blockchain and are characterized by users having control over the price of the materials and assets used in the games.

Find out how we apply this model at SpaceRiders below.

How do we apply the Player Driven Economy?

At SpaceRiders we firmly believe that the best way to regulate Resources prices is through Supply and Demand.

You can go to the Intergalactic Stock Market (ISM) to trade resources with other players in exchange for Token - $BKM or another resource.

The prices of these trades determine the prices of each of the Resources and other assets at any given time.

As in any Exchange, prices change according to the pair of assets traded.

This model is closely related to Play To Own, because thanks to it, we make this player-driven economy a REAL Economy, where the registration of assets and their owners is transparently recorded.

DISCLAIMER: Despite this reliance on the Free Market, we will make patches and updates by rigorously monitoring market metrics and player interaction over the course of the game.

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