đŸ§ŦAttributes and Life of Planets

Each planet has random attributes:

  • Diameter: It is the size of the planet that will determine the maximum space the planet will have.

  • Minimum/maximum temperature: Depending on the temperature of your planet, the production of resources will vary.

  • Position in the universe: The location of your planet will be crucial once PVP is operational.

  • Resource reserves: Each planet has a random amount of resource reserves (metal reserve, crystal reserve, petrol reserve) for each type of resource, if you extract it all, your production will end, making it unavailable to obtain more resources from that planet.

That is, NFT Planets have a specific life time. It is determined by their resource reserves, once you drain all their reserves the planet will not be able to extract any more resources.

But don't worry about this, we are planning to add a merge functionality where you will be able to merge two different NFTs (even if their resource reserves are 0) and burn them in exchange for a new NFT, with an improved % to get a higher rarity NFT with more resource reserves.

Take into account the life span of the planet to create an appropriate strategy to make the most of its potential.

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