Future Ecosystem

In the long term, following our mission of empowering nonconformist individuals, our goal is to build a unique gaming ecosystem which allows gamers, brands, developers and content creators to benefit from SpaceRiders in the way that best suits each of them.
To make this possible, we have made our code open source so that any developer can build on it. You can contribute in any task you feel comfortable with in the following repositories:
In case you want to leave any proposal, you can do it by accessing our subreddit and leaving a post with your idea.
SpaceRiders is confident in creating a real economy with intrinsic value attached to each element involved that achieves commercial interest for all parties.
Token - $BKM will be the currency used in the original SpaceRiders game and in future applications/games built in our ecosystem.
When PVP is implemented, we intend to implement with it exclusive NFT badges that will be displayed on the Leaderboard, such as other exclusive NFTs that give players status among the SpaceRiders community.
The culmination of our Future Ecosystem is a Gaming DAO, an intergalactic government system where players will decide on the game mechanics through a staking system with BKM that will give them voting power.
This section will be updated as the project progresses.