📝Play To Own

What is the Play to Own concept?

The Play To Own concept has been used in several pioneering games implementing blockchain technology.

This game model integrates blockchain technology, through which NFTs are implemented. Thanks to both integrations, you as a player have ownership of all your in-game assets.

What advantages does Play to Own offer?

The Play to Own model allows more dynamism in the approach compared to other game models and allows the backbone of the game design to be:

  • Offering you a fast-paced gameplay, where your fun takes the lead, is our main goal.

  • That you have ownership of the in-game assets you have acquired and are free to do with them as you wish.

As we have just explained, this ownership of your in-game assets is achieved thanks to the integration of blockchain and NFTs.

This allows you to create markets where you can exchange any of your assets with other players, both outside and inside the game. This generates a flow of exchange between all players. Thus creating a REAL economy.

Unlike conventional digital games, in SpaceRiders your effort and dedication will not be in vain, since when you get any asset either by playing or buying it, it will be yours. This means that if at any time you decide to trade it, you are free to do so.

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