Energy is the most valuable resource in SpaceRiders, it is a resource that cannot be extracted from mines.

New celestial bodies that allow the production of energy are currently under ideation, as the intention of the SpaceRiders team is that you can enjoy the experience for free.

Your mines spend energy during the resource extraction process, so you need to have energy for your mines to work.

This aspect of the game shows the importance of energy, hence you can only get it in exchange for tokens.

At the moment, to get energy you will have to exchange your previously deposited $BKM for Energy, with a 10:1 ratio, receiving 1 Energy for every 10 $BKM.

To counteract the current system and, as a temporary measure, we have increased the energy rewarded daily to adapt to the Freemium model, in the future this reward is likely to be reduced and transformed into new game dynamics.

Running out of energy is equivalent to immediately stopping the production of resources, so you should check your energy balance and make sure you have enough until the next time you play.

Please note that once you have deposited tokens in exchange for energy, you will no longer be able to withdraw them.

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