In-game chat

We know that the life of an astronaut can be a bit lonely, but that was true until now!
We provide you with a chat tool thanks to the latest space technology, allowing you to communicate with other SRiders.
In the chat tool you will be able to identify yourself with your Nickname or, if you have not defined it, you will be shown with your shortened wallet address.
The operation of the chat is like a radio, being able to tune in to infinite frequencies capable of reaching the most remote and unexplored places in the universe.
Each frequency is a new chat and, since they are not encrypted, anyone who tunes in can intervene, so be cautious.
In-game chat
There are frequencies reserved for official communications such as: events, news, etc.
Use the chat at your own risk, you never know who may become your best ally or your worst enemy.
Last modified 8mo ago