Space is a place without rules and everyone wants to be the main commander. That's why you must defend yourself from other SRiders or Space Elements like Asteroid Collisions that have the potential to cause significant damage to your planet.
At the moment, the existing defense mechanisms are Missile Launchers and Laser Launchers. We will add many more elements as the game grows to ensure that you can protect your planet as it deserves at all times.
Defense is built as units, so if you have 10 Missile Launchers and an Asteroid destroys 5, you will only have 5 Missile Launchers left.
The defense is the first part to suffer damage when you are hit by an asteroid, so you need to plan your defense strategy properly and consider investing enough time and resources in it. Otherwise, your planet will be exposed to damage to crucial buildings such as mines and warehouses, which can end up ruining your production.