A chlorine planet, also known as a vitriolic planet is a type of planet in which the planet is covered with lakes and oceans of hydrochloric acid.


A chlorine planet isnโ€™t a gas giant or a type of giant planet, instead it is a terrestrial planet and as such has a solid surface like Earth. Like Earth it has bodies of liquid, in the form of lakes, rivers, and oceans on its surface. However, these are oceans of hydrochloric acid instead of water.

From space, the oceans of a chlorine planet appear to be a deep green, because microbes in the ocean metabolise and release chlorine, which is green colored. Land appears to be brownish to blackish green and clouds appear white with a green tinge.

As chlorine is very rare in the universe, it is unlikely that you acquire a chlorine planet, if any at all, that is considered extremely rare.

Resources Reserves

Below, you can consult the resource reserve ranges according to rarity:



9M - 11M

2,57M - 3,14M

159K - 194K


9,45M - 11,55M

2,7M - 3,3M

166K - 204K


10,35M - 12,65M

2,96M - 3,61M

182K - 223K


11,7M - 14,3M

3,34M - 4,08M

206K - 252K


13,5M - 16,5M

3,85M - 4,71M

238K - 291K

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